I'm Stephanie Jones, an astrologer, astrological counselor, and certified clinical hypnotherapist with over 35 years of experience.

I am passionate about helping people find their path in life through astrological readings. Understanding the universe as it was at the time of your birth, and well as now, is the key to unlocking your inner self and reaching your fullest potential, your wildest goals, your highest self-awareness, and your greatest happiness!



When the first humans gazed at the heavens in awe, our connection to the stars was born. The Babylonians are generally credited with the birth of astrology; their astrological charts enabled them to predict the recurrence of seasons and certain celestial events. So, in the beginning, and for more than 2,000 years, astrology and astronomy were the same science.

While earliest astrology was used to bring a sense of order out of apparent chaos, it was soon utilized to predict weather patterns, primarily for agricultural purposes. It was eventually broadened to include forecasts of natural disasters, war, and other events in the course of human affairs. Amassing successes in these fields, it was a natural progression for astrology to be used as counsel for kings and emperors and, in time, for all of us.

The challenges facing us today are greater than at any other time in the history of humankind, and available solutions are less obvious. Astrology recognizes these conditions and has a broader scope of awareness, bringing help from the language of the stars to successfully meet the challenges of life.

Astrology is the golden key to conscious self-awareness. My principal purpose is to serve you in understanding your unique personal journey.



Starting with your birth time, date, and place, which you can send via email or telephone, we will explore your natal horoscope – a reference to where the planets were when you were born. This shows the characteristic tendencies you were born with; it is not a psychic reading, it is a synthesis of energetic signatures symbolized by the planetary positions at birth. It is a road map of attributes and natural tendencies, strengths, and weaknesses. These planets or energetic symbols move and progress around the chart or areas of life, approximately a degree per year, and this marks the path of our evolutionary growth and what is happening to us now.

This reading is an in-depth exploration of how the planets were arranged when you were born and how they have advanced and are configured now. The intention is to illuminate the cosmic energy at play in your present life, as well as how to bring some more enlightened imagination and guided awareness to choices and opportunities in play for you. It is a reading of the unique mandala of energy which is your horoscope.

During this 1 hour session, I will make a recording that you will be able to keep.


A fascinating look at how two people combine in partnership, either for love, business, or friendship. Utilizing the birth information from both people, we set up an in-depth conference session (via phone) to explore your mutual harmony and blending as well as any discord, resistance, or challenges that potentially exist when two energies combine.

Using the Combination Chart, this reading is for both people to understand their partner in a way not possible otherwise, therefore creating heightened compassion, and empowered co-creation.

Your new awareness allows for a greater understanding of the partner dynamic, providing wonderful tools to advance your strength of purpose and reduce tension.


Every six months, or more often if intuition suggests, since the planets are moving every day, we look at what the current astrological weather is and how to align our understanding and therefore our attention and self-guidance with the current cosmic energy – just like a yearly check-up – it keeps us in touch with "what's going on."


If you just have a specific question or issue or want to see a smaller view of the immediate time ahead - don't hesitate to call.


"Stephanie has the Highest Level of Integrity in all that she does. As an Astrologer, I have always experienced Stephanie as a Divine Gift, Friend and Guiding Light. She has a way of translating the moving energies into language that is individually understandable and focused for our Highest Good and long term growth in digestible usable bites. I am committed to living my life fulfilling my highest purpose while I am here. As my life changes and grows, so does my purpose, and Stephanie's wise and grounded reading of the current energies has been immensely helpful and insightful. May you also be blessed with the gifts that Stephanie offers so generously." – Constance

"I was really impressed – it's like drinking from a fire hose! In a good way!" – Chris

"Your update goes a long way toward explaining what I've been undergoing internally, and I will do my best to do the work internally so that it need not play out externally!" – Marc

"Thank you so much for another awesome reading! I'm so excited about all the stuff we talked about! Your information is so encouraging! I'll be in touch." – Heather

"Thanks for the reading! The future looks so much more promising. I was having a great deal of difficulty sorting out my work and art energy. Now I will just kick ass at work and fly in my studio!" – Bernadette

"Thanks for your reading – it was truly amazing! I am birthing myself as we speak!" – Andrea 


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